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This page will have new content once things get rolling.

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Not sure how to get started? Use the User Panel options to login, register, or recover from your lost password. The system will send an email to you. Don’t worry if it takes a few minutes. Sometimes it is slow, but it should get there. If not, check your spam folder and if you don’t see an email after a hour, send a note to me…

For anyone who wishes to register for an author spot on this site, please use the sidebar Author Panel option to register. This will create your subscription user name and send you a temporary password. Contact me about your registration with the following information:

  • Username you selected.
  • If it is for the Children’s Story Time or General author area.
  • If you were responding to one of our offers or referrals. (How you heard about this.) Will let me know what extra things I may have to do.
  • Add any additional information that you may want to direct to me about yourself or what you would like to write about.
  • Add any questions you may have at this time.


Help me out.

Leave a comment with your ideas and suggestions. If you know someone who would like to get published and has limited funds or knowledge about how to do it, please point them in this direction. I would like to build a nice sharing community for authors that will benefit both the writers and the readers.

Please consider getting involved as either a reader or writer. Spread the word and help me with this rewarding project.

Thank you so much.




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